Active participant    550 € Passive participant  225 € For ensembles, each participant   300 €
Application deadline : July 2 Lessons with Sinaiski only:  250 € Lessons on guitar only   350 € Cours fee should be paid latest: July 9 to the following account: “Jacek Klimkiewicz/SJ Kurs” Deutsche Bank BIC(SWIFT): DEUT DE DBKOE IBAN: DE 31 370 700 240 204 30 57 00   
name , prename sex age mail-adresse instrument                 which Institute of Music prepared pieces which professor do you wish for instructions single lessons          4 hours chamber music instructions            4 hours   
For an obligatory application the following information should be given in this e-mail:
Notification of withdrawal made one week prior to the Course will result in reimbursement  of two thirds of the course fee. The remaining third will be forfeited for administration cost. 
If you wish both types, then 3 hours single and 2 hours chamber music. Other combinations on request.
Hotel “Zur Bergstraße” Zwingenberg 80 € per doubleroom, 40 € per bed, breakfast included. Youth-hostel  and other room-accomodation in Zwingenberg                        Arrival on July 24
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